The Building of a Community of People Devoted to Christ-Centered Education
Building strong ties between teachers, administrators, parents and boards, and nurturing transformational Christian education.

Membership Benefits for Educators

The PCCE provides the services of the professional association serving teachers employed by schools affiliated with the Prairie Centre for Christian Education encompassing the Canadian prairie region. 


Every Christian educational community in the Canadian prairie region will be supported in the challenge of providing transformational Christian education. 


To provide leadership and support to Christian educational communities in the Canadian prairie region that will: 
  • lead, enhance and promote transformational Christian education in a changing world. 
  • develop resources, tools and learning opportunities for Christian educational communities (boards, administrators, teachers, parents, students) to understand and implement transformational Christian education in a changing world. 

Benefits/Service Profile:

Professional Services 

  • Sponsor annual Teachers’ Convention 
  • Provide professional news, research and information 
  • Promote and distribute the Christian Educators' Journal 
  • Encourage and facilitate professional growth for its members 
Employment Services and Support Provided 
  • Mediation services 
  • Access to legal counsel 
  • Consultation services 
  • Financial assistance for teachers attending approved courses and workshops 
Teaching for Transformation (TfT) 
  • Access to and training on the TfT website 
  • Innovative curriculum development and planning at the local school level
  • Development of an electronic database of curriculum 
Educators' Council - coming soon!