The Building of a Community of People Devoted to Christ-Centered Education
Building strong ties between teachers, administrators, parents and boards, and nurturing transformational Christian education.

Membership Benefits for Educational School Based Leadership (Administration)

The PCCE provides services for employed Christian school leaders affiliated with the Prairie Centre for Christian Education encompassing the Canadian prairie region.


Every Christian educational community in the Canadian prairie region will be supported in the challenge of providing transformational Christian education.


To provide leadership and support to Christian educational communities in the Canadian prairie region that will:
  • lead, enhance and promote transformational Christian education in a changing world. 
  • develop resources, tools and learning opportunities for Christian educational communities (boards, administrators, teachers, parents, students) to understand and implement transformational Christian education in a changing world. 

Benefits/Service Profile:

PCCE aims to support the diverse leadership roles within PCCE schools.  Keeping in mind this diversity, the following services are offered to PCCE member schools.

Support for Administrators' Professional Development 
  • Leadership training 
  • Work with the Leadership Cohort to establish and coordinate professional development specific to leadership in a Christian school setting (e.g. conferences, regional meetings, on-site seminars, mentoring programs)
  • Provide consultation and support for principals and assistant principals 
  • Enhanced professional standards advice
Support for Administrators as School Managers
  • Assist in the development of a vision and mission 
  • Program evaluations 
  • Assess site based strategies and goals 
  • Provide guidance on projects under the Alberta Initiative for School Improvement (AISI)  
  • Advise on the implementation of educational technology
  • Assist with local action research initiatives 
  • Assist with local implementation plans specific to the goals of Christian education 

Support for Administrators as Human Resource Managers
  • Advise on qualifications, credentials and hiring
  • Support administrators in dealing with teacher evaluation and certification standards 
  • Advise on managing attrition in the teaching profession 
  • Support justice in the workplace 
  • Educational assistance support