Societies & Boards

The Building of a Community of People Devoted to Christ-Centered Education
Building strong ties between school communities in the Canadian prairies:  teachers, administrators, parents and boards; 
and nurturing transformational Christian education.

Membership Benefits for Schools and their Christian School Societies

The PCCE provides services for Christian Schools and their Christian School Societies affiliated with The Prairie Centre for Christian Education encompassing the Canadian prairie region.


Every Christian educational community in the Canadian prairie region will be supported in the challenge of providing transformational Christian education.


To provide leadership and support to Christian educational communities in the Canadian prairie region that will:
  • lead, enhance and promote transformational Christian education in a changing world. 
  • develop resources, tools and learning opportunities for Christian educational communities (boards, administrators, teachers, parents, students) to understand and implement transformational Christian education in a changing world. 

Benefits/Service Profile:

Curriculum Development and Teaching for Transformation 
  • Develop, plan, publish and market quality, innovative electronic curriculum and resources at the local school level 
  • Seek quality teacher-prepared materials for inclusion in the resource bank or as possible publications 
  • Provide templates and outlines for integration of outcome goals with unit planning 
  • Advise on current provincial educational policies and practices, including curriculum and resources 
  • Collaborate with the Educators Council in establishing priorities for curriculum development and educational issues 
  • Lead study committees and writing teams in accomplishing their mandates
Benefit from the Expertise of Educators at all levels of Education
  • Build strong connections using the expertise of educators at all levels of education.  For example, The King’s University College - a Christian academic community with accredited Elementary and Secondary education programs and a commitment to research.
  • Enhance communication among the PCCE schools 
  • Establish relationships with other educational organizations including the :
    • Association of Independent Schools and Colleges in Alberta (AISCA), 
    • The King’s University College (TKUC), 
    • EDU-DEO Ministries, 
    • Canadian Christian Education Foundation (CCEF), 
    • Christian Schools Canada (CSC), 
    • Society of Christian Schools in BC (SCSBC), 
    • Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools (OACS), 
    • Christian Schools International (CSI), 
    • Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), and 
    • Christian Stewardship Services (CSS).
  • Provide a voice for Christian education
Support Professional Learning Communities
  • Facilitate the sharing of best practices and pedagogy supports
  • Support Christian transformational education 
  • Help teachers to embrace their calling 
  • Support building community in the classroom, develop (student) faith enhancing practices, deal with perspective and classroom management issues.
Enrich Professional Development with Emphasis on Christian Education
  • Provide leadership and advice regarding the Teachers’ and Principals’ conferences 
  • Provide training for new teachers 
  • Propose post graduate level courses for in-service teachers 
  • Ensure that professional development workshops in Christian perspectives and foundations are available to teachers of member schools 
  • Legal and ethical advice 
  • Employment Standards 
  • Mediation and arbitration 
  • Employment consulting service to school boards and school employees regarding personnel matters 
Support for Christian School Societies

Help boards embrace the calling of providing Christian education and promote parental involvement by providing:
  • Consultations and workshops on local society policy and procedural matters, development, planning and mission promotion
  • Strategic planning to enable Societies to work toward long term development of the physical and visionary needs of their schools 
  • Governance resources and education
  • School or society reviews 
  • Advice and support for Christian school society employed leaders (e.g. executive directors, superintendents, head of schools) 
  • Information on the Societies Act, Registered Charities Act, Alternative Program Agreements 
  • Development consultations and conferences, Planned Giving consultation and financial reviews, statistics reports, bank plans 
  • Advice for salary/benefits negotiations and salary guidelines
  • Annual visit to each member school annually

Support for School Administration (CLICK HERE)

ŸTeacher Evaluations and Teacher Certification Standards

  • Support administrators in dealing with teacher evaluation and certification standards