Transition Team - Executive Director Announcement 

Announcement of New PCCE Executive Director

Upon receiving notice from the current Executive Director, Elco Vandergrift, of his upcoming retirement at the end of the 2015/16 school year, the PCCE Board formed a Transition Team to manage the hiring of the next PCCE Executive Director. 

The Prairie Centre for Christian Education is pleased to announce, at this time, the appointment of Gayle Monsma as the upcoming Executive Director of the PCCE. Gayle will assume her responsibilities with the PCCE starting at the beginning of the 2016/17 school year. 

The Transition Team followed a rigorous process to find a suitable candidate with the necessary qualifications; the unanimous recommendation was presented to the PCCE Board. After an extended interview with Gayle, the Board was impressed with Gayle’s passion for Christian education and the gifts which she will bring to the position. We are truly grateful to God for providing such a worthy candidate. 

The Board has the utmost confidence in Gayles’ gifts, heart, and passion for Christian education and is also assured that she will be able to move the PCCE forward. We wish God’s richest blessings on Gayle as she makes plans to assume this position. 

More details will follow at a later date.

Transition Team

Darlene Eerkes, Transition Team Chair

Sean Alaric, Teacher, Immanuel Christian High School

Martin Folkerts, Principal, Lacombe Christian School

Chris Weening, Alberta South Central board member for PCCE 

Mandate of the Transition Team

The Transition Team is mandated by the PCCE Board to lead an Executive Director transition marked by a quality search process that reflects PCCE’s mission, vision and strategic plan.  Their work with the PCCE Board will include a number of responsibilities such as:

  • Completing an Executive Director job description and profile that reflects our current mission and future strategic priorities
  • Engaging in a national, comprehensive search providing highly qualified candidates
  • Identifying 1-2 finalists for engagement with the PCCE community leading to a board selection and appointment
  • Effective guidance of our new Executive Director, helping him/her thrive as a team developer and long-term leader
  • Monitoring the transition process during the 2016-17 school year