Every Christian educational community in the Canadian prairie region will be supported by the PCCE in the challenge of providing transformational Christian education.


The mission of the Prairie Centre for Christian Education (PCCE) is to provide leadership and support to Christian educational communities in the Canadian prairie region that will:
  • lead, enhance and promote transformational Christian education in a changing world. 
  • develop resources, tools and learning opportunities for Christian educational communities (board, administrators, teachers, parents, students) to understand and implement transformational Christian education in a changing world.

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  • the Biblical story of God’s unrelenting love for the work of his hands. This story inspires our transformational worldview of Creation, the Fall, Redemption, and Restoration 
  • each unique Christian educational community and support them 
  • the God-given abilities and talents of each child
  • the role and responsibility parents have in educating their children within the Christian educational community 
  • the role and responsibility of educational professionals within the Christian educational community 
  • our family of Christian educational communities and how we can learn from each other and hold each other accountable to the vision, mission and values of Christian education 
  • the roots and history of Christian education
  • partnerships with other organizations in the broader Christian community that will support the work, mission and vision of the Centre
  • Support Christian school societies as they promote Christian education and ensure its availability to Christian families
  • Encourage ties between teachers, administrators, parents and boards, and nurture transformational Christian education to achieve a community of people devoted to Christ-centred education
  • Build strong connections using the expertise of educators at all levels of education
  • Develop curriculum through the Teaching for Transformation project 
  • Enrich professional development with emphasis on Christian education
  • Support professional learning communities 
  • Support school administration
  • Offer advocacy for staff in grievance situations